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Account Executives

  • Wil Colon
    Account Executive
    Phone: 800-398-3029 Ext. 566
    Email: wilfredo@cgicommunications.com

    After serving in the US Navy for six years, Wil graduated from the State University at Brockport with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management. Since joining the company in 2007, Wil has been an essential member of our team and an advocate for all of his clients. Now an Account Executive in NEXT!, Wil strives to maintain excellent relationships with all of his clients, both old and new. A trustworthy advocate for "Main Street" business owners, Wil hopes to provide his clients with the tools that they need to accomplish their online marketing goals.

    Wil can be found spending time with his lovely wife, playing kickball or softball, and spending time with his new daughter Maiya. A true New Yorker, he can also be found rooting for his favorite teams: the New York Mets and the Buffalo Bills!

  • Matt Dalton
    Account Executive
    Phone: 800-398-3029 Ext. 308
    Email: mattd@cgicommunications.com

    Before joining the team in 2009, Matt graduated from Nazareth College with a degree in Communications & Rhetoric. After a brief stint at the local newspaper, Matt found his home here at NEXT! and is now working as an Account Executive. A dedicated employee, Matt is always working to build lasting relationships with all of his clients and hopes to provide them with peace of mind in their business decisions.

    Outside of the office, Matt is an avid golfer and dog enthusiast who enjoys spending time with his dog, Marley. Also known for his appreciation of fine foods, Matt's favorite dish is a big bowl of Kraft Easy Mac.

  • Zeke Siembor
    Account Executive
    Phone: 800-398-3029 Ext. 548
    Email: zekes@cgicommunications.com

    After graduating from college with a major in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, Zeke worked as a licensed financial advisor before joining the team at NEXT! in 2010. Now an Account Executive, Zeke enjoys using his previous education and experience to benefit all of his clients, providing them with clear direction and helping them navigate their tough business decisions.

    Not one to sit around, Zeke also loves traveling, being outdoors, camping, and cheering on his favorite baseball team, the New York Mets.

  • Martin Grizzanti
    Account Executive
    Phone: 800-398-3029 Ext. 547
    Email: marting@cgicommunications.com

    Prior to joining our team at NEXT! Marty graduated from LeMoyne College and worked with one of Rochester's local communities as a Development Specialist. Now working as one of NEXT!'s dedicated Account Executives, Marty is enthusiastic about helping each one of his clients determine the best course of action to successfully market their business in their own community.

    In addition to being a valuable member of our team, Marty is also a dedicated family man and a sports enthusiast, dividing up his free time between family and friends and Major League flag football games!

  • Stacey Simmons
    Account Executive
    Phone: 800-398-3029 Ext. 538
    Email: staceys@cgicommunications.com

    After graduating from Mercyhurst College with a degree in Marketing & Finance, Stacey gained experience in several marketing-based positions before joining our team in 2006. Although she started out as an Executive in our Community Video Division, she has since found her home at NEXT!, where her experience continues to benefit all the clients she serves.

    In addition to being a dedicated member of the NEXT! Team, Stacey also enjoys dirt-biking and playing with her puppy Dylan. An avid sports fan, she also loves hockey and can often be found cheering on her favorite teams at local sporting events.

  • Matt McGuckin
    Account Executive
    Phone: 800-398-3029 Ext. 305
    Email: mmcguckin@cgicommunications.com

    From sky diving, scuba diving, and bungee jumping, to owning his own landscape and contracting business in South Carolina, Matt's unwavering balance of adventure and professionalism makes him the newest and most dynamic member of the NEXT Sales Executive team. His lifelong passion for adrenaline and the outdoors lead him on many adventures most people can't say they've ever experienced.

    Having recently returned home to Rochester, he's been able to spend more time with his close friends and family. There's an ever present love of life and compassion for others Matt carries with him and shares with each person he meets. His willingness to speak candidly while speaking truth at every turn is appreciated by both his professional colleagues and clients!

  • Henry O'Hara
    Account Executive
    Phone: 800-398-3029 Ext. 366
    Email: henryo@cgicommunications.com

    Henry James Michael O'Hara was born in Ireland in 1982. Having moved to America when he was five, his Irish roots and friendliness speak closest to his passion for life and relationships. Smiles, hugs, and high fives are an everyday occurrence for Henry. As a young man at 25, Henry came to this company after his higher education days at the State University of New York at Oswego. Henry brings an international zest to every relationship he builds and values every day, one experience at a time.

  • Allyson Kingsley
    Account Executive
    Phone: 800-398-3029 Ext. 551
    Email: allysonk@cgicommunications.com

    Serving CGI since 2005, Allyson Kingsley has grown personally and professionally since graduating from SUNY Oswego. Always striving to improve, she learned a lot about her own strengths during her time as an associate and quickly applied herself to move up the ranks into the executive position. Although she started out as an Executive in our Community Video Division, she has since found her home at NEXT!, where her experience continues to benefit all the clients she serves. Now distinguished as a senior sales executive, she serves as a role model for her team, often mentoring other members of the department.

    Loving life and traveling around the country, Allyson is motivated, enthusiastic, and passionate about her work. If she isn't on the road, you'll find her on the ski slopes in the winter and on the golf course in the summer.

  • Meghan Hoffmann
    Account Executive
    Phone: 800-398-3029 Ext. 607
    Email: meghanh@cgicommunications.com

    Following the completion of Communications & Psychology degrees at Northern Illinois University, Meghan has been working in marketing and advertising for the last eight years and been with the CGI family for over half that time. Throughout Meghan's CGI career she has worked in several departments which has allowed her to have a vast understanding of our product lines, services and is able to be a great resource for our clients. Based in our Chicago office, Meghan loves to take advantage of the all that the city has to offer including rec league softball, summer on the beaches of Lake Michigan, boating with friends and of course the great shopping.

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