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  • Frank Buono, President
    Phone: 800-398-3029 Ext. 227
    Email: frankb@cgicommunications.com

    As President of NEXT! Ad Agency, Frank is not only the "fearless leader" of NEXT! but also a staunch advocate for all of his clients. Prior to starting his career at CGI, Frank received his bachelor's degree in business administration from Western Connecticut State University. Following college, he worked as an Advertising Executive for Edrei Communications where he worked closely with future CGI CEO Bob Bartosiewicz.

    Frank has been a fixture at CGI since it was started in 1988. His path through CGI has been characterized by his philosophy of, "I would rather beg for forgiveness than ask for permission" and an unrivaled driving passion. As the leader of Next! since its onset in 2010, Frank brings this passion to his clients and his team. Known to be a little intense, you will often hear his team saying to "not mistake his passion for anger".

    Frank resides in Webster, New York, where he lives with his wife Debbie, and is the proud father of three sons, Michael, Jefferey, and Eric. In his free time, Frank can be found skiing, boating, biking, and participating in anything outdoors. He also loves watching and playing sports with his friends and family, and exploring his passion for red wine.

    Frank hopes to be an advocate for "Main Street" businesses, watching their backs and always keeping them ahead of the curve with new technology and marketing trends.

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